… Stopping in the name of Love, and Soap.

It’s day five, and I’m running out of ideas. I mean, come on. It was 14 years ago, after all. The details are fading. But there are a few more things I can dredge up for the sake of this tribute. They involve songs and soap. Remember back in the second blog when I said I knew to “Stop! when a word ends in a single consonant, preceded by a single vowel, you double the consonant, add ‘ed,’ ‘ing,’ whatever you want it to be”? Well, sometimes, to catch us off-guard, Mrs. Sewell would randomly break out instead into that old Diana Ross classic, “Stop! In the Name of Love,” and of course, we would all break down into hysterical laughter. One of the little things that made her class so fun.

Another little anecdote that came to mind today as I was thinking of what to write about today involves Teacher Appreciation day. Usually, this is the day in which all kids try their hardest to pretend they actually like their teachers by bringing them the fruit baskets and cards of appreciation purchased by parents who don’t understand the injustice or the indignity. But with Mrs. Sewell, it didn’t seem like such a bad thing. That particular year, however, my beloved fifth grade was in for a surprise of her own. For some inexplicable reason, almost everyone in the class brought in a basket of scented soaps. From one student, that’s very nice. From two or three, ok, cool. But from like 20 students? 20 baskets of soap? Mrs. Sewell, having a very admirable sense of humor, was like, “Are you guys trying to tell me something?? Do I stink??” She took it gracefully though. And, as we learned in yesterday’s blog, Mrs. Sewell is naturally self-cleaning, so she really had nothing to worry about anyway.

To you, the reader: only two more days. I’m too tired to continue. Are you, too?



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