… Other Teachers

Today I was chatting with some of my former teachers, and I said that when I respect a teacher, I perform more cooperatively. My answers are not sarcastic. My work is not barely adequate. My memories are not unpleasant. At the beginning of my year with Mrs. Sewell, I couldn’t stand her. She pushed too hard, I thought. She made me actually make an effort because she graded me not according to the standards of other kids, but by her own standard for me personally. It wasn’t “do the least amount of effort it takes to get an A” because she didn’t accept that I was simply talented. What it took for me to receive an A may not have been the same as what it took another student to get A. Thinking about that style of teaching really makes you appreciate just how far she went for her students. She had to get to know each of her students, each of their strengths, each of their weaknesses, and decide how best to teach each one. If the number of attendees at her funeral was any indication, she did this consistently each year for 30 years. That’s a lot of students. I certainly wouldn’t have cared that much. That kind of effort produces a heck of a lot of respect – from friends, peers, and students alike. No wonder her students performed well. No wonder I performed well.


2 Responses to “… Other Teachers”

  1. Matt Says:

    Does this respect (or lack of) extend to all people who have had some teaching influence (or lack of) in your life? If so, I’m feeling very disrespected and uninfluential (not sure if that’s a word). In other news, I like the blog…now it’s time to jazz it up a bit. Aren’t you an artist?

    • cassiegooding Says:

      It only extends to teachers I’m required to perform for, and only if I’m receiving grades for those performances. Try not to feel disrespected by my blog, I try to do that face to face with you. 🙂 And you are influential, just not in the same way that Mrs. Sewell was influential. I still don’t know how to jazz it up… But I’m working on it. You seem cranky…

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