… My First Official Blog

Today’s post will, barring unforseen internet failure, be the first of a week’s worth of tributary posts to a woman who influenced my life and profoundly impacted me. Mrs. Mary Brooks Sewell passed away last week, and I was able to attend her funeral Saturday with a large number of her family, friends, and former students like myself. It was a lovely ceremony, and I know I’ll miss my fifth grade teacher immensly. Later that same day, a friend of mine at my church gave me a page she had torn out of a magazine about blogging. She said she thought of me and convinced me to give it a try. So, today, as I’m slowly being driven crazy by a combination of loud toys, obnoxious children, rude parents, and sorry technology, here I am giving this “blogging” thing a try outside of my infrequent facebook notes. Day one is henceforth dedicated to that woman who dealt with us obnoxious kids for 30 years. 17 of them at my own Berkeley Lake Elementary. Let the reminiscing begin…

The first field trip we ever took in Mrs. Sewell’s class was less than a mile from the school. We walked to get there, and it was one of the best field trips of the year. Our class of 24 trecked outside and down the road to the dock at the Berkeley Lake Chapel to learn about the ecosystem. We dug up grubs, we caught guppies, we diagramed plants and insects, and we planted grass seeds. And let me tell you, when that group of boys found the grubs, Mrs. Sewell was right there in the mix, helping to trowel dirt and cautioning the boys not to harm the the little white sick-nasties. When the first guppy was caught, she hosted a fish-naming ceremony right there. She was as excited to show us the delicate patterns of tree bark as she was to show us the lazy stop-and-go flight paths of the dragonflies. It was this infectious excitement to learn, I think, that really drew me to her. No other teacher has ever expressed such enthusiasm or passion when teaching me before. Don’t get me wrong… I’ve had other passionate teachers, and other enthusiastic teachers, and other great teachers. But Mrs. Sewell was the most passionate, the most enthusiastic, and the greatest teacher that I’ve ever had.

With that, I’ll wrap up this first blog with a big “thank you” to not only anyone who decides to read this short post, but also to anyone who decides to stick with me here as I venture into the blogosphere, to Mrs. Wehrheim, who convinced me to give it a try, and lastly to Mrs. Sewell, hopefully logged on in Heaven.

(I need a catchy ending phrase)


ps. These blogs will be a little sparse until I really figure out what I’m doing. We all know how tech-savvy I am…


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